Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend Getaway in Jakarta part4 finale

And finally comes to the end of our trip. 
We started the day with breakfast in hotel followed by lunch right away at Dermaga restaurant. 

We also managed to get a cup of coffee in this nice cafe. Chilling out for awhile before rushing to the airport. 

Okay see you soon!

Weekend Getaway in Jakarta part3

Finally the time has come for us to doll up ourself for the wedding party. 
Here is a selfie of me. 

And more selfie with my roommate. 

And the four of us...

Yes I changed my dress to the black one after seeing all of them wearing black. So that we are in matching color. 

With the bride and groom...

And some of old friends...

The night was still young after the party and the gals went to the nearby karaoke. :)

Weekend Getaway in Jakarta part2

After full with brunch we checked in to our hotel and ready to pamper ourself with full body massage!

Found this little massage place called "Bamboo" nearby our hotel. 
The unique about the massage was the masseur will use bamboo to massage some of the body part. However in my opinion I prefer the normal hand massage. Overall the massage was good and cheap!

Right after that we went for lunch at "Warung Rawit" at PIK. 
Its specialty was Borneo food known with it's spiciness. 
Let the pictures do the talk. 

Weekend Getaway in Jakarta part1

I had a chance to visit Jakarta for a short weekend getaway to attend a friend's wedding. 
Of course the opportunity must be maximize to enjoy Indonesian foods and self pampering. 

First stop after touched down Jakarta was to eat brunch. Indonesian noodles is not comparable with its chewy texture so yum accompanied with fried meatball and otak-otak. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Toothache vs Heartbroken

What is the similarity and the difference between toothache and brokenhearted?

As time goes by, both will be healed.
However during the process, the painkiller will help to endure the toothache but there is no painkiller for brokenhearted.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Healthy Living

Recently I tried to live a healthy life style by taking care of my diet and exercising.
Taking care of my diet is not so extreme.

- 2 slice wholemeal bread with fruity jam or
- overnite organic oatmeal with soybean milk and fresh cut strawberry or blueberry or seedless grape.

- normal portion of mix rice

- diet milk and fruits

Also exercising more. I am very lazy in exercising and I always can find excuse not to do it. And now I kind of finding a form of exercise where I don't need to move vigorously but still sweat like mad and that exercise is called hot yoga. :p

Ok, wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Love is someone different from your ideal, but you can't help being curious about him.

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Addiction

Currently this is my new addiction...

I have zero ability to resist this pretty temptation!